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Anti-Bullying Week 2011 'Beyond Bullying Stop and think-words can hurt' Week tegen pesten


This year's campaign focussed on children and young people's day to day communication-with a focus on tackling verbal bullying. Expressions such as 'you're so gay' and words such as 'sket' and 'slag' are seen to be key indicators of bullying or hostile environments.

Post card competition

We ran a competition during the week to design an anti-bullying postcard, with the 2 winning entries having their design professionally printed. The postcards will be used by us to distribute to schools and around the county. We received many great entries from Leicestershire schools and even as far afield as the United States of America! Choosing 2 winners (up to 11 and 12-18 years old) was very difficult but we did manage to narrow it down and our successful designs are below.

Up to 11 winner - Georgia, 11 from Ridgeway Primary

12-18's winner - Becky, 13 from St Martin's Catholic School

Runner up: Ellie, age 6 from New Swannington Primary

And Emily, year 9, from St Martins Catholic School:

Runner up: Emily, Year 9, from St Martins Catholic School

Although we couldn't include out of county (or country) entries in our competition, we appreciated the work that had gone into designing and sending all the pieces of work we received so we decided to include a couple of our favourites!

Chaya Mistry, age 10, Hollingwood Primary School, Bradford

Lulu Bennett, age 9 from St John's Primary School, Kingston Upon Thames

Hesham from Forsdon High School, Michigan, USA