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Les idee 255: Animation video Standing up to Bullies (English)

YouTuber Jessii Vee has amazing energy, a great YouTube channel, a truly positive attitude, and a huge heart! She also happens to be an unbelievable storyteller, with a lot of stories to tell - storytime is her thing!. In this, her second storybooth story, Jessii shares her experience at school, when her best friend starts dating the school bully.

At first she tries to act as if all is well, but when her friend and her boyfriend start to bully the "new kid," for being weird, well, she can't live with that, couldn't sit a the lunch table with them while the other students harassed this other girl, and couldn't stay quiet and watch it happen. Jessii switches sides, she, gathers her strength and courage and sits with the new girl, and guess what, of course she starts getting bullied too.

But that's okay, because she knows that what she is doing - standing up to bullies and protecting their victims - is the right thing to do, no matter what. She brings the problem to the principal, but without proof there is little the school can do - until finally, she gets the proof she needs and the bully gets his justice, police and all! A student should never bully another student but it does happen. Tell a teacher, tell a parent, tell a friend, tell a principal, tell the police.

When you see someone being bullied, do something about it.

Only you can.