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Les idee 297: Advice videos for Teachers using internet in the Classroom

Using Internet in the Classroom

Introduction to Using Internet in the Classroom

In this topic we look at measures you can take to ensure high levels of safety and security when using the internet in the classroom.


Getting permission to use social media in the classroom

There are a number of things to consider when introducing social media to the classroom. Our short video explains how to get started.


Collecting Students’ Working

We take you through best practice, advice and any potential risks for collecting students’ homework online.


Managing Your Online Reputation

How to avoid being found online

Get advice and information on best practice for protecting your privacy on social networks.


Open and closed social networks and default privacy settings

For teachers it is important to get to know and adjust your default privacy settings. Get more information on how to do this in our short video.


Using social media in your personal life

Students spend so much time with their teachers that we shouldn’t be surprised when they want to learn more about their teachers.  Because of this we need to be careful about the content we put online to ensure it doesn’t undermine our professional integrity.


What to do if you are being harassed online

If you are being harassed online there are a number of steps you can take to manage the situation. Get advice and information from our short video.


Responding to online attacks on your good standing

Social networks are required to respond to reports of abusive, harmful or inappropriate content. Find out what steps to take if you come across comments or posts relating to your professional conduct.


Advice for School Leaders

Sexting and the consequences for Schools