Les idee 311: Crossing the Line - Cyberbullying | Stop Pesten NU


Les idee 311: Cyberbullying - "Gone too far" Crossing the Line

Gone Too Far from gofilm it on Vimeo.

This lesson and accompanying film explores the issue of cyberbullying with an LGBT focus. Through the toolkit activities students will define cyberbullying and recognise examples of it; exploring when actions have crossed the line. In addition to this there is clear signposting to advice and support on how to respond to and deal with issues of cyberbullying. 

Intended learning outcomes

  • Students can define cyberbullying and recognise examples of it
  • Students can identify which actions cross the line between ‘banter’ and cyberbullying
  • Students can find help and know who to speak to if they’re worried about something online
  • Students can give advice about how to prevent or stop cyberbullying
  • Students can understand how using the term ‘gay’ can be offensive to others and what the school anti-bullying policy says about it

Download de lesinstructie/werkboek (Engels)  en download de volledige toolkit met nog meer lesplannen