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Les idee 327: Play Like Share game 8-10 yrs (English) Source ThinkUknow

Play Like Share follows the adventures of Alfie, Ellie and Sam as they form a band and enter their school’s Battle of the Bands contest, taking on the mean but ‘cool’ Popcorn Wizards as they go. The three friends learn that while the internet can help, they need to use it wisely and safely.

The aim of the films is to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe online. In particular, the films teach them to spot the early signs of manipulative, pressurising and threatening behaviour by people they might meet online, and develops their confidence to respond safely and get help.

How you can use Play Like Share to help keep your child safe online

You can watch Play Like Share with your child and use this to start a conversation with your child about the internet and staying safe. All three episodes can be found on the Thinkuknow website for 8-10 year olds, where you will also find a fun interactive game called Band Runner that helps this age group learn how to stay safe from risks they might encounter online.

When opening the conversation with your child start with positives, finding out as much as you can about what your child does online and what it means to them.

Things you could try:

  • Ask your child to show you their favourite websites, apps and social media services and what they do on them. Listen and show interest.  You could also encourage them to teach you the basics of the site or app. them to teach you some basics.
  • Ask your child if anything ever bothers or worries them about going online. You could use examples of events from the films and ask if they’ve ever heard of something similar happening. Talk in general about what children can do to stay safe online.
  • Use examples from Play Like Share to start a conversation about online ‘friends’ or ‘followers’. Ask them about who they chat to online, and whether they know and trust them ‘in real life’.
  • Talk about the importance of privacy settings and how they can help your child stay in control of what they share with others. . Together, look at the privacy settings for the services they use, encourage them to only share things with people they know and trust in real life. 
  • Using examples from Play Like Share, talk to your child about what it might be appropriate or inappropriate to share online – this includes photos, videos, comments and personal information.
  • Talk to your child about how their online actions can affect others. Remind them to consider how someone else might feel before they post or share something.
  • Ensure your child understands that if anything ever happens online which worries or upsets them, they should always tell you.
  • Explain that you would never blame them for anything that might happen online, and you will always  give them calm and non-judgemental support.
  • Make online safety an on-going conversation in your house… and involve the rest of the family in the conversation too.

Watch with subtitles


Now watch Sam, Ellie and Alfie continue their adventures in the Play Like Share films.

The films will help you learn more about staying safe online.

Film 1: Block him right good Alfie!

Film 2: Who's Magnus?

Film 3: They have fans, but we have friends!

The Band Runner game

Featuring characters and safety messages from the Thinkuknow Play Like Share filmsBand Runner is a  fun game that puts children’s knowledge about online safety to the test by asking them to help characters make safe choices.

Players can choose to play the game as characters Ellie or Sam who use their guitars to eliminate all obstacles in their path as they run through school in order to make it to their next gig. If players miss a jump or take a tumble they then need to help Alfie solve an online safety dilemma to be able to continue play.  As players pass to the next level, the running gets faster!

The Thinkuknow website for 8-10 year olds

The Band Runner game can be found on our informative 8-10's website which also provides clear and practical safety advice under the following headings:

  • Play – Playing games online
  • Like – Being kind to others online
  • Share – Sharing videos and photos online
  • Chat – Talking to others online
  • Lock – Keeping information private
  • Explore – Exploring the internet

The website also has a ‘Worried about something’ section offering advice and support to children who are feeling worried, scared or upset about something which has happened online.

Playing Band Runner and exploring the website with you child

Why not visit the Thinkuknow 8-10’s website with your child to play Band Runner and explore the online safety advice pages together?

Here are some useful conversation starters and practical activities to help you talk to your child about staying safe online:

  • Ask your child about the games, sites and apps they like to use. What do they like about them? Is there anything they don’t like?
  • Watch the Play Like Share series of videos together and discuss with your child. What they believe the main learning points of each episode to be? Can any of the safety tips be applied when their online?
  • Play Band Runner together. You could take it in turns on one device or play at the same time on two. After playing, ask your child what they remember about Alfie’s online safety dilemmas.
  • If your child enjoys playing games where they interact with people they don’t know, make sure they understand that it is not safe to share personal information like their name, school, and phone number with people they meet in the game. Explain that if anyone says anything that worries or upsets them, they should tell you or another trusted adult straight away.
  • Help your child manage the privacy settings on their apps to ensure that they are only sharing things with friends they know and trust in real life. If your child likes sharing photos or videos with people they know in real life discuss safer ways they could do this e.g. sending via email, messaging service or private link.
  • Find out how to block and report someone in each game, site and app they use and discuss with your child.
  • Tell your child that they can come to you if something goes wrong online, that they won’t be in trouble and you will be able to help.



Ga naar https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/ voor het spel en meet the characters

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