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Les idee 328: Critical thinking about gender norms 13 years and above from UNESCO

The “Mixing it up” Activity (Secondary Education)

Facilitator(s): One or several teachers

Target Group: Learners aged 13 and above

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Materials: None

NB: Prepare for this activity by writing or typing the text of Role play #1 and Role play #2 (see procedure 2) on separate sheets of paper, which will be handed out to small groups in class.


Part 1 (20 minutes)

1) Explain the objective of the exercise using simple words, such as the following: During this activity, we will be acting out different role plays that will help us understand how a young man or woman can be discriminated against (or treated unfairly) because of how they look or act. We will discuss how this kind of discrimination relates to discrimination based on someone’s sexual orientation. Lastly, we will also explore appropriate and inappropriate ways to respond to situations like the role plays we will perform.

2) Divide the class into small groups of approximately 5 students. Hand each small group one of the scenarios below:

Role play #1

A girl whose appearance is quite masculine has been seen holding hands with another girl at school over the lunch break. She quickly let go of her partner’s hand when she saw she was watched by a group of fellow students. They make fun of her when she gets back from lunch. Characters: the girl whose appearance is quite masculine, her partner and the students who make fun of her.

Role play #2

A new male student has been admitted into your school. His appearance is different than the way boys’ appearances usually are in your school (e.g. the way he dresses, the way he speaks, etc.). During a class one of the teachers makes comments on the new student’s appearance in front of all his classmates. The teacher even seeks approval from the classmates and they all approve except for one student who says that it is the right of every student to choose how he appears. The boy also protests and says that it has never been a problem before.

Purpose: To engage students in critical thinking about gender norms in their sociocultural context

To sensitize students to the links between gender norms, and sexual and gender-based bullying, including homo/transphobia depending on the context 

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