Les materiaal 381: Watching and sharing videos online 9 - 13 jaar Source Childne



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Les materiaal 381: Watching and sharing videos online 9 - 13 jaar Source Childnet

Lesson plan looking at watching and sharing videos online for young people under the age of 13.

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Watching and sharing videos online Source Childnet

Developed in response to feedback from parents and professionals about the use of video-sharing platforms by young people under the age of 13, including TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Snapchat.

This lesson supports learners to:

  • Recognise the possible risks of using online video-sharing platforms.
  • Understand that not all video content should be shared with all audiences.
  • Develop a bank of practical strategies to use on online video-sharing platforms.

It also includes teacher guidance on how to talk about age-restricted platforms with young people who are not yet old enough to be using them, but may already be doing so.


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Simeon’s Story (Activity 2) 

This activity can be run in pairs or individually. Give out Appendix 4(Simeon’s Story) and explain to the learners that they are going read the story of a young person (Simeon) who is thinking about downloading a new video-sharing app. Learners should decide what Simeon should do at each point in the story. At the end the learners will reflect

Prevention or response? (Activity 3)

Remind learners that going online should be fun, but at times things can go wrong or be upsetting. Even if they are using an app that is designed for older people, it is not their fault if something happens when they are using it and they should always ask for help. 

Discuss with learners the difference between preventing and responding to online harms.

Clarify what the two terms mean and explain that bothofthese strategies are useful.

Give out of Appendix 5 (Prevention or response cards)and ask the learners to split the cards into two groups: ones that can prevent something from going wrong, and ones that are ways to respond after something has already happened. 

Then return to the list of dangers of watching or sharing videos online which was created during the ‘How do you watch videos’ activity.For each danger, discuss with learners if it can be prevented, and if so, how? If not, discuss what would be the most helpful response. Learners may wish to suggest their own prevention or response strategies not listed on the cards.