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Lesson 5 Standing Up to a Racist Bully

In this story, Sapphire shares the torment she went through when a school bully wouldn't leave her alone. She hated school because it it. It made friends and class time unbearable. He bullied her because of her skin color. He was a racist and picked on her for days. His bullying bothered her so much that she tried to change herself, make herself look different, disguise herself. One day she had enough. She looked into the mirror and decided it was time to stand up to the bully, the racist bully. She gathered the strength to stand up to him. He would no longer bully her because of her race, her skin color, her gender, racism, or anything else. After that day, she LOVED school, classes, teachers, friends and other students because they accepted her for who she is, not discriminate based on how she looks. More importantly, she gained confidence through her bravery. Being brave and not a victim is not easy but she learned to overcome the fear and now she's happy with her self esteem at an all time high. In Sapphire's own words - "Stand up to them bullies." LINKS Website: http://www.storybooth.com