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Week tegen Pesten 2024 Workplace Bullying Awareness Week in Canada

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this worldwide event!

It is time to plan for the next Workplace Bullying Awareness Week: October 13 – 19, 2024.

I am proud to say that all of Canada Federal and Province legislation is under review and changes have been made to include harassment and bullying. This is not strong enough and more information needs to be added, but it is a good start! I never thought I would see this much! This is what awareness does!

Now I am confident with even more awareness – like a worldwide voice – the better it will get for all of us!

We ask you to invite all of your states, provinces, territories, constituents, prefectures, regions, districts, and to plan for next year so we can make this an even bigger, more positively powerful vibration of change.

Wherever you are, share what you have learned, share what you do to help others and create change … and share about this worldwide event.

We are incredibly proud to say that this event has become one of the most exciting, powerful, awareness building event ever! Thanks to all of us! This event has taken the shame and silencing of this abuse out of the closet! That’s powerful!  I am confident in saying that this event saves lives each year!

Thank you, everyone, for the amazing work you do!


The International Workplace Bullying Awareness Week

Join our next event October 13-19th 2024

How It Started

Dr. Gary Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute in the United States started this week of events many years ago. His event is called Freedom from Workplace Bullying Week. This is something we would like 365 days of the year, so let’s build awareness and make that happen.

Linda Crockett, founder of the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources, joined Gary on his week about 11 years ago. She named her event, Workplace Bullying Awareness Week. About 5 years ago, Linda invited other countries to join, and it is working! We now have numerous countries from around the world, joining together and building a worldwide voice promoting psychological safety in all workplaces.

Join us! Wherever you are!

Workplace Bullying Awareness Week

October 13 – 19, 2024


  • Offer free posters
  • Sell t-shirts, coffee mugs or wrist bands
  • Hold a podcast or candlelight vigils
  • Have zoom discussions, or participate in radio or TV interviews
  • Offer tip sheets or articles
  • Offer discounts or free training

We’ve done it all, so can you. Spread this message and help is all around the world, create a change!

Consider sharing all of our posters on your website anytime so we can show the power of this worldwide collective! This is good change making power! 

Please use the green ribbon whenever possible. It offers a collective message. See copy of ribbon on this page to download.

Please use this hashtag at all times so everyone participating can see what you are also doing!  #awarenessendsbullying

Let us know if you will be joining us on this campaign so that we can be sure to celebrate your work during the event. Email us at psychologicalsafetyfirst@gmail.com

Thank you so much! Let’s use our power wisely and end workplace bullying!


Don’t forget to plan ahead for next year too!