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2010 Week tegen Pesten - Anti-Bullying Week 2010

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2010 was "Taking Action Together" and took place from 15th-19th November.

Anti-Bullying Stars!

The Anti-Bullying Team asked for nominations from Leicestershire schools of their own Anti-Bullying 'stars'. We wanted to give schools the chance to celebrate some of the great work that is going on and also the heroes behind it.

The awards went to Riverside Primary School in Birstall for their 'Super Leaders' Team and to Woodbrook Vale High School for their 'Supportive Friends'. The Anti-Bullying Team visited both Schools during Anti-Bullying Week, where we heard more about what they have been doing and presented the students and staff involved with their awards and certificates. So, once again, congratulations to both winners and we hope to repeat these awards next year!

Some great work by Leicestershire Schools

We've created this webpage to showcase the brilliant work that was done by various schools across Leicestershire during Anti-Bullying Week 2010.

Resources - Anti-Bullying Week 2010

We also designed alternative/extra assemblies for both key stages which were presented in numerous schools over the week by members of the Team and