'Overcome', my new single soon will go to StopPestenNu | Stop Pesten NU


'Overcome', my new single soon will go to StopPestenNu

To raise awareness of bullying I have decided that all the revenue I make on 'Overcome', my new single which I will be releasing soon will go to the Non Profit Organisation: StopPestenNu @stoppestennuofficial . This charity does research and teaches kids, parents, but also professionals in how to stop and prevent bullying. 

F**k bullying! As some of you might know I used to be bullied like crazy in primary and high school. Kids used to pick on me due to the fact that I was different. I wore clothes I liked and didn't follow the other boys in my class. I was called gay, ugly, nerd and what not.

Seems kind of obvious that bullying is a big problem. I make no secret out of the fact that I had to find professional help to boost my confidence, because bullying truly really hurts. What could be a silly joke to you could be a smack in the face for someone else.

I will also upload the extended mix of this track to BandCamp as a donation single, so if you feel like you wanna help this cause you can donate a few bucks to help the cause of StopPestenNu.

Let’s all try to make the world a better place. We have to.
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